Sales Optimization Medtech & Diagnostics

Especially in emerging markets or when expanding to new countries/markets, many clients face difficulties in setting realistic sales targets for their sales organizations or their distributors. In addition, if the sales performance is slow and behind budget, companies can only take the necessary measures if they have a true understanding of the market requirements and its rules and corrective business customers. Novumed has supported many life science clients to grow their business faster in Europe, the US or emerging markets such as India, China, Latin America or Eastern Europe.

Sales Optimization Pharma

Market potential analysis

The most effective way to get a sound grasp of a market's potential is to get an overview of your customers. Novumed is well equipped to estimate the true market potential and create a valuable guideline for the sales staff through its market insight and analytical capabilites.

Sales and marketing strategy development

Detailed analysis of the market potential and an in-depth understanding of customer requirements are essential in order to establish a succesful sales and marketing strategy. Novumed is well positioned to support sales teams and develop aggressive marketing strategies from start to finish.

Analysis of customer requirements

Our view is that companies are only successfully selling to new markets if they truly understand the requirements of their customers. A good analysis of the perceived USP helps to adapt the product/service offering or to develop the best sales and marketing strategies.