Product (IP) Licensing & Sales

We apply complex statistical, quantitative, financial and business analysis to help our clients make strategic decisions as part of our Product Licensing and Sales Advisory. Our highly skilled Advisory team are adept in producing robust financial models that will enable our clients to make well-informed decisions.


Through our strategic approach, we assist clients in identifying, evaluating and closing in-licensing opportunities, both regionally and globally. We offer comprehensive analysis of the product and IP landscapes and identify potential risks in commercializing the product in order to achieve optimal benefit from the transaction for our clients.


Reasons for out-licensing can range from portfolio management and a rebalancing of priorities or the realization of an investment for product development. Leveraging our substantial industry experience, we serve our clients by sourcing and negotiating out-licensing agreements that maximize revenue while reducing financial risks.

Product Sales

From time to time companies make the decision to sell their IP products. Our skilled and knowledgeable Advisory team can help run the sale process and ensure that you receive commensurate compensation for the sale of your Intellectual Property. Our market insight and network enable us to identify the most appropriate potential purchasers and move the deal to close within tight deadlines.

Licensing as a financial alternative in the life sciences industry

Pharmaceutical companies are currently facing serious problems such as revenue gaps from patent expiry and scarcely populated product pipelines in spite of a steady increase in R&D expenditures. Thus, the number of FDA-approved new molecular entities per year has contracted by nearly 50% during the past 15 years. At the same time, venture capital firms have been reducing their investments in small yet innovative biotechnology companies to an alarmingly low rate. In consequence, the closure of licensing deals is a highly interesting strategy to resolve both groups’ issues as conclusively demonstrated by the strongly growing value of global licensing deals.

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