First Class International Pharma Data and High Quality Consulting Services

Novumed has achieved a leading position in pharma consulting due to its unique combination of high quality consulting services with first class international pharma data.

Pharma sales data down to a local level

Novumed has access to pharmaceutical data from wholesalers or pharmacy panels in the US, Germany, Austria, Russia and many other countries including South America. In many projects we also use one of the largest and most comprehensive patent databases that cover molecules representing more than 85% of the global market.

We help you to select the ideal mix of analysis and pharma data in each step of the pharmaceutical value chain.

Pharma Wholesale and Prescription Data in Great Detail

Novumed has access to various pharma databases with national or local wholesale data, pharmacy panels or prescription data in the US, Gemany, Austria, Russia and many other countries including South America.
We may intelligently include these data in our projects or we may simply assist you to identify the crucial data for your analysis.
The various databases are typically characterized as follows:

Various Databases
More than 30,000 products per country covered in each database
Deep level of details such as product name, company, ATC code, therapeutic area, units sold and revenues over several years, active ingredients, product launch date, package size, generic status, distribution channel, market share in percent, etc.
Easy pivot tables and chart solutions are built-in
Many of the top 500 global pharma companies already use these data as clients and appreciate the high data quality

Probably the Strongest Global Pharma Patent Database

As a specialist in the pharmaceutical market Novumed constantly has to collect and evaluate research data for our clients.
Novumed is therefore working with probably the strongest and most comprehensive global pharma patent database. This database covers molecules under SPC- and/or patent protection from the most important countries (approx. 30 countries) which covers about 85% of the world market.
The patent database is characterized as follows:

Global Patent Database
Over 2,100 molecules and combinations, more than 11,500 patents and more than 13,700 SPCs are included
Also covers about 950 molecules in development, approx. 600 paragraph IV patent certifications and more than 2,300 US market exclusivities
Data research directly with national patent offices and further high quality sources (not only one standard source)
Regular updates with new molecules as well as regular verification and updates of the entire existing database