Commercial Effectiveness in Pharma

Novumed is one of the few consulting firms with access to pharmaceutical data from wholesalers and pharmacy panels. This enables us to provide even deeper and more precise analysis when preparing your market access or enhancing your sales force effectiveness. Our combined approach of data access and consulting services comprises three phases.

1. What?

Identify and correlate crucial market data

In a first step, we may use the prescription or sales data of the most important competing drug(s) on a national or even on a local level. Further data such as share of prescribing doctors by specialty, turnover per sales cell, quantities, dosage forms or any other relevant data could be used. The pharma data might then be complemented by a list of hospitals, rehab centers or private practitioners of a certain indication. Novumed generates deep market insights by correlating actual and historical sales performance data with further crucial data which may be relevant to understand the market. Frequently, we establish market maps where we even correlate the location of private practitioners or key hospitals with local sales performance data of competing drugs or market segments.

2. Why?

Analysis of reasons and insights

Data analysis may have revealed especially strong or weak sales regions, strong growth in certain locations or interesting correlations that may suggest different prescription paradigms. However, only through a further deep-dive with primary research conducted by our consultants, the reasons and secrets for success and failure can be fully understood. These crucial insights allow for a detailed preparation of an effective market access strategy or to enhance the sales force effectiveness. In our publication "Efficient Selling in Pharma" for instance, we gave an example of completely different prescription habits from doctors in Eastern Germany compared to doctors in Western Germany. For the pharmaceutical company with biological drugs the commercial effectiveness in Eastern Germany was much higher.

3. How?

Developing an efficient sales plan

Based on primary and secondary research, your sales team would then be supported by our consultants to draft an efficient and focused sales or market launch plan. Due to the preliminary data and market analysis it will then be possible to describe a precise sales potential by region/sales cell, to determine the ideal sales force size and visiting frequency or to know your USP and the ideal sales and communication approach compared to you major competitors.

Efficient Selling in Pharma

Would you have suspected there to be significant regional differences in the pharmaceutical market in terms of sales within one country? Why do physicians in the Eastern part of a country prescribe almost twice as much of particular biologics compared to their colleagues in the West? Why are some pharmaceutical drugs rapidly gaining market penetration, whereas others with similar product features are losing market shares?

It is generally accepted that pharmaceutical companies face significant challenges in today's world. Continuously decreasing R&D efficiency, blockbuster patent expiry, regulatory hurdles and ever increasing price pressure in most developed healthcare systems force the historically spoiled pharmaceutical industry to work more efficiently to survive and succeed in this environment.

The pharmaceutical landscape has become highly competitive and various stake holders such as health insurances, regulatory bodies, key opinion leaders, physicians and increasingly educated patients influence the sales process. Therefore, pharmaceutical sales and pharmaceutical marketing becomes complex. Development of a deep market, customer and competitor understanding is the keystone to excelling in this environment. Successful companies must precede competitors when market dynamics shift, measure key performance indicators in real time and allocate resources effectively.

This Novumed publication provides you with some important insights for an effective analysis of market environments and sales processes. We combine a thorough description of regional market shares based on pharmaceutical sales data with an in-depth analysis of causes and correlations that provide the necessary market intelligence to support smart management decisions. The publication is addressed to professionals working in the fields of pharmaceutical sales, pharmaceutical marketing and market access pharma. Using in-depth pharmaceutical market research we provide two case studies with one biologic and one small molecule drug using Germany as an exemplary sales region. What makes this report particularly valuable and sets it apart from comparable reports is a combined approach between a leading pharma data provider and a specialized premium strategy consulting firm for the healthcare industry working hand-in-hand.

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