Business Development Support

Novumed has supported a range of clients in their business development activities. In order to make the business development activities of our clients efficient and lean, Novumed has supported the following measures.

Business Development Support

Target Scouting

Whenever our clients are not happy with the existing commercially available databases due to poor data quality or wrong scope, clients have used Novumed’s research know-how to establish customized solutions. In order to create a detailed overview of acquisition or in-licensing targets, potential clients or ideal suppliers, Novumed has frequently created proprietary databases covering several markets around the globe (hospital databases, biotech databases, company overviews, medtech databases, etc.). This exercise is especially valuable in smaller niche markets or in emerging markets with a poor data quality.

Commercial Due Diligence

Novumed has supported many Venture Capital, Private Equity and strategic investors to determine the fair value of an innovative product, portfolio of products, or entire companies. Many clients prefer to work with Novumed due to their deep technological understanding of life science markets and their sound technical expertise.

Sales lead generation

There are numerous technologies or services that have a wide range of potential clients. In order to use the Sales and Business Development staff most effectively, Novumed has supported clients in identifying the most promising market segments and key decision makers within organizations, optimizing potential sales leads and sales staff time. Further to the identification of sales leads, Novumed has also conducted initial visits with potential customers or collaboration partners to assess the firm, management and products on behalf of our clients.